The Caucasian Shepherd is a unique dog that unlike the other breeds requires a minimum of training time to become a fully developed guard dog.



Their ability to independently and quickly make decision in extreme situations, unimaginable strength and agility, loyalty, self-confidence and inborn distrustfulness to strangers are the traits that were developed in this breed since the beginning of their historical use in Transcaucasia and Caucasus as guards of settlements, fortresses and cattle.



Our family breeds the Caucasian Shepherds since the beginning of the last century. My grandfather posted the Caucasian Shepherds to guard the governmental targets. His dogs' descendants formed the great breed of the guard dogs and watch dogs that became famous and well known in the whole world.



Namely my grandfather's stories about the modern Caucasian Shepherds' ancestors, descriptions of their characters and conformation, methods of training and the requirements for this breed serve as a foundation for our work to this day. The sires from the "Iz Gokhrana" kennel hold the bloods of the best representatives of the Caucasian Shepherd breed from the leading Russian kennels..



Our kennel successfully cooperates with the MIA's (The Russian Ministry of the Interior Affairs) Central Governance of the Non-Departmental Security and with the MIA's Center of the Special-Purpose Non-Departmental Security. Our dogs successfully serve as guard dogs and watch dogs on different targets.



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